Sunday, December 6, 2009

Perspective on Bowl Season 2009/10

* NOTE: As of the first posting of this entry, it is not complete. However, I wanted to get my picks out early on, so here it is. The analyses of each bowl will follow. Also, I've gone through as bowl season has progressed and put the "Verdict" (Right/Wrong) for each game.

Now that bowl season is here, let's run through the lineup and get some insight on each game.

Notable absences: Michigan and Notre Dame. Hehe.

New Mexico
Fresno State (8-4) vs. Wyoming (6-6)
Sponsor: Many.
Prediction: Fresno State
Verdict: Wrong (0-1)

St. Petersburg
UCF (8-4) vs. Rutgers (8-4)
Sponsor: Many.
Prediction: UCF
Verdict: Wrong (0-2)

R+L Carriers New Orleans
Southern Mississippi (7-5) vs. Middle Tennessee (9-3)
Sponsor: R+L Carriers. A freight shipping company based in Wilmington, OH.
Prediction: Southern Mississippi
Verdict: Wrong (0-3)

MAACO Las Vegas
18 Oregon State (8-4) vs. 14 BYU (10-2)
Sponsor: MAACO. A collision repair and auto painting corporation based in King of Prussia, PA.
Prediction: BYU
Verdict: Right (1-3)

S.D. County Credit Union Poinsettia
23 Utah (9-3) vs. Cal (8-4)
Sponsor: San Diego County Credit Union. A credit union.
Prediction: Utah
Verdict: Right (2-3)

Sheraton Hawaii
Nevada (8-4) vs. SMU (7-5)
Sponsor: Sheraton Hotels and Resorts Hawaii.
Prediction: SMU
Verdict: Right (3-3)

Little Caesars
Marshall (6-6) vs. Ohio (9-4)
Sponsors: Little Caesars Pizza, Ford
Prediction: Ohio
Verdict: Wrong (3-4)

Meineke Car Care
17 Pittsburgh (9-3) vs. North Carolina (8-4)
Sponsor: Meineke Car Care Center
Prediction: Pittsburgh
Verdict: Right (4-4)

Boston College (8-4) vs. 24 USC (8-4)
Sponsor: Diamond Foods, Inc.
Prediction: USC
Verdict: Right (5-4)

Gaylord Hotels Music City
Kentucky (7-5) vs. Clemson (8-5)
Sponsor: Gaylord Hotels
Prediction: Clemson
Verdict: Right (6-4)

AdvoCare V100 Independence
Texas A&M (6-6) vs. Georgia (7-5)
Sponsor: Advocare. Makers of energy drinks and nutritional supplements sold through multilevel marketing.
Prediction: Georgia
Verdict: Right (7-4)

Army/UCLA vs. Temple
Sponsor: EagleBank
Prediction: Temple
Verdict: Wrong (7-5)

Champs Sports
15 Miami (9-3) vs. 25 Wisconsin (9-3)
Sponsor: Champs Sports
Prediction: Miami
Verdict: Wrong (7-6)

Roady's Humanitarian
Bowling Green (7-5) vs. Idaho (7-5)
Sponsor: Roady's Truck Stops
Prediction: Bowling Green
Verdict: Wrong (7-7)

Pacific Life Holiday
20 Arizona (8-4) vs. 22 Nebraska (9-4)
Sponsor: Pacific Life Insurance Company
Prediction: Nebraska
Verdict: Right (8-7)

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces
Houston (10-3) vs. Air Force (7-5)
Sponsor: Bell Helicopter
Prediction: Houston
Verdict: Wrong (8-8)

Brut Sun
Oklahoma (7-5) vs. 21 Stanford (8-4)
Sponsor: Brut
Prediction: Stanford
Verdict: Wrong (8-9)

Navy (8-4, with 1 to play) vs. Missouri (8-4)
Sponsor: ???
Prediction: Navy
Verdict: Right (9-9)

Minnesota (6-6) vs. Iowa State (6-6)
Sponsor: Insight Enterprises
Prediction: Minnesota
Verdict: Wrong (9-10)


11 Virginia Tech (9-3) vs. Tennessee
Sponsor: Chick-fil-A
Prediction: Virginia Tech
Verdict: Right (10-10)


Northwestern (8-4) vs. Auburn (7-5)
Sponsor: Outback Steakhouse
Prediction: Northwestern
Verdict: Wrong (10-11)

Capital One
13 Penn State (10-2) vs. 12 LSU (9-3)
Sponsor: Capital One
Prediction: Penn State
Verdict: Right (11-11)

Konica Minolta Gator
16 West Virginia (9-3) vs. Florida State (6-6)
Sponsor: Konica Minolta. Manufacturer of office equipment, medical imaging, optical devices, and measuring instruments.
Prediction: West Virginia
Verdict: Wrong (11-12)

Rose Bowl Game presented by Citi
8 Ohio State (10-2) vs. 7 Oregon (10-2)
Sponsor: Citi
Prediction: Oregon
Verdict: Wrong (11-13)

Allstate Sugar
5 Florida (12-1) vs. 3 Cincinnati (12-0)
Sponsor: Allstate Insurance
Prediction: Florida
Verdict: Right (12-13)

South Florida (7-5) vs. Northern Illinois (7-5)
Sponsor: Many.
Prediction: South Florida
Verdict: Right (13-13)
South Carolina (7-5) vs. UConn (7-5)
Sponsor: Papa John's Pizza
Prediction: South Carolina
Verdict: Wrong (13-14)

AT&T Cotton
19 Oklahoma State (9-3) vs. Ole Miss (8-4)
Sponsor: Southwestern Bell Corporation / SBC Communications / AT&T
Prediction: Oklahoma State
Verdict: Wrong (13-15)

AutoZone Liberty
Arkansas (7-5) vs. East Carolina (9-4)
Sponsor: AutoZone
Prediction: East Carolina
Verdict: Wrong (13-16)

Valero Alamo
Michigan State (6-6) vs. Texas Tech (8-4)
Sponsor: Valero Energy Corporation
Prediction: Texas Tech
Verdict: Right (14-16)

Tostitos Fiesta
6 Boise State (13-0) vs. 4 TCU (12-0)
Sponsor: Tostitos

Prediction: TCU
Verdict: Wrong (14-17)

FedEx Orange
10 Iowa (10-2) vs. 9 Georgia Tech (11-2)
Sponsor: FedEx
Prediction: Iowa
Verdict: Right (15-17)

Central Michigan (11-2) vs. Troy (9-3)
Sponsor: GMAC Financial Services
Prediction: Central Michigan

Citi BCS National Championship Game
2 Texas (13-0) vs. 1 Alabama
Sponsor: Citi
Prediction: Alabama

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